Thursday, 6 December 2007


So this past month I've worked some interesting events and met some interesting people. I worked a Mcfly concert which was quite good. They played a highly energetic set which involved a great light show and a stunning amount of pyrotechnics. I also witnessed an amazing show called War Of The Worlds. The show was a full orchestra accompanied by a rock group recreating the classic double album from the 70's.

If you don't know I work for Rock steady which is a company that provides popular events (Such as concerts) with Event Stewards who are better known as security.

I've been working this job for a year now and have worked at nearly every pittodrie football match since November 6th last year. Usually you find me in the cold and run down South Stand. I enjoy working with the locals there because they always seem to give the most work. They're usually quite tongue in cheek so it makes my cold football days a bit more interesting then they should be. Here I take up jobs like taking people to their seats, taking any possible weapons off of people, keep anyone from running onto the pitch and just try to stop any bad behaviour in general.

My favourite place to work is definitely the Aberdeen Exhibition Centre (AECC). Here is where they hold the big concerts such as Status Quo, Lionel Richie, McFly and Westlife to name a few. My job here is literally the same as the football with a few extras in the place we like to call the pit. The pit being the area between the crowd and the stage. This is where we tackle stage divers, crowd surfers, drunks and generally annoying people. It's quite a fun place to be. If I'm unlucky I get positioned at a fire exit where the only thing to do is get cold.

I really enjoy the job. I get to meet lots of different people, who always have something interesting to say. There's also the fact that every now and again you get to see parts (or all) of a fantastic show (Like Lionel Richie).

Tonight I'm going to the AECC to work Madness. I've been told they've got quite a fun, enjoyable crowd so I'm really looking forward to work.

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