Thursday, 20 September 2007

Something that I've done this week.

This week has been very uneventful so far. I've spent Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (today) in college. I've learnt some cool new stuff in my classes but overall I really haven't done much this week.

The only thing eventful about my week so far was the Scotland rugby game down in Edinburgh. My current job is working as an event steward for Rock Steady. We do security and safety at football, concerts and many other events round Scotland. It's quite enjoyable working these big events because I get to meet alot people and also climbing the stairs is great for much needed exercise!!!

Later on tonight I'm working an AFC football match and babysitting so maybe my week might get a little more interesting.

Steve :)

Thursday, 13 September 2007

The Bob Marley Clip

The first thing I can say about this first clip is the band are extremely tight. They rip up the stage with a really addictive reggae groove. The drummer doesn't miss a beat with the bassist not far behind him. The rest of the musicians are also tight and you really can't fault.

Mr Marley the frontman well, this man has a strong voice. He really lets go during this clip with some fantastic audience participation. Lyrically the song he's singing is dam clever and sounds well thought out. I can't fault this performance what so ever.

No Woman No Cry - I love this song!!! Again the band are extremely tight with like most Raggae groups the bass and drums really hold a fantastic groove. There's also some lovely organ in the backdrop. Again Mr Marley holds his own, fantastic frontman and a smashing voice.

I've never been a fan of this man or his music but I love him for what he does in music.

My favourite album.

hey everyone!!!

For my next blog I was told (by my tutor ofcourse) that I had to write a blog about my favourite album and tell you all about it. My album of choice has to be (without a doubt) Def leppard's Hysteria.

Why do I chose this album?

It's simple really, this album was the reason why I started playing drums. This album was the return of their drummer after a serious car accident which cost him his left arm. This to me was a big influence on my playing and style as a Hard Rock Drummer.

Many rock musicians, metalheads especially dismiss this album because it's too "pop" but musically this is the reason why I love it. Their are so many catchy vocal harmonies, melodies etc which remind me of great pop acts like The Osmonds and Abba which I freely admit to loving. The fact these musical features are mixed in with heavy drumming and over the top guitar licks of their past heavy metal efforts makes the album even more desirable.

The album also features one my favourite music producers, Mutt "Mr Shaina Twain" Lange. He worked on another favourite of mine, AC/DC's Back in Black album. He is well known for producing a rich, clear, tight sound on this album aswell as helping the "Lep" gain success with their previous 2 records Pyromania and High 'n' Dry.

That to me is enough reasons for me to love this album. If you lot disagree then tough! ;)


Thursday, 6 September 2007


Heeey baby! I'm Steve and I'm awesome!

I'm 21 years old, born on the 8th of may 1986 (who says Jesus was cool!). I do nothing but listen/play to music, play computer games and sit in The Moorings Bar.

I'm a drummer who plays in the Aberdeen local band Cheap Dirt (check us out We play an unhealthy mixture between old fashion rock n roll and heavy metal. We're quite like Status Quo in style but like them live, we have a right heavy sound.

My favourite bands at this moment in time is Status Quo, Judas Priest, Nightwish and AC/DC. I love all different kinds of music. Specially things with a groove ie. funk and soul. But classical music and Dance also interests me. Always keep your mind open I always say. Groups like Pet Shop Boys and The Corrs also take my interest, can never go wrong with a good dance tune!

So like right now I'm sitting in college, my chest feels heavy and i think iv got a cold bleeh!!!!

Anyway we're away to stop so byebye everyone.

Long live rock n roll!!! :D